Style: AlterCountry, rockabilly


Kovács Kornél- voice, guitar
Csató Dóra – voice, guitar
Boda Nóra - violin
Hajdú Bianka - voice, guitar
Petrovits Attila - doublebass
Bartus Zoltán - drum

The "A Nyughatatlan" band was established in 2010 In Budapest, Hungary. The movie about life of Johnny Cash called "Walk the Line" inspired the Band to call themselves "A Nyughatatlan" - followig the official Hungarian title of the movie. So far they have issued three albums and have given more than 500 concerts in Hungary as well as around Europe. The band "A Nyughatatlan" got invitation from Germany - and now it is already a permanent performer of the festivals at Pullman City next to Passau - from Austria, Italy and Czech Republic. In this year the Band is on the treshold of a new era in their progress; their third album got the so-called "golden-disc" certificate/award from Hungarian Recodring Industry Association, Hungarian Group of IFPI. The band has an extensive repertoire of music from old rockabilly - with particular attention to Johnny Cash's songs - throughout the band's own song as well as pop hits in rockabilly and country, The genre the band follows is defined "alter country" by some Hungarian music critics.