A Nyughatatlan (THE RESTLESs) WINS TOP PRIZE (Marshal, Texas)

The Texas Sounds Country Music festival was held for the tenth time recently in Marshall, Texas. At the meeting – at which nearly 20 performers from 14 nations were represented – the leader of Nyughatlat, Kornél Kovács, won the award for instrumentalist of the year, they won the band of the year award, and the band also won the main prize.

Link: https://www.rockstar.hu/hirek/a-magyar-zaszlo-is-lobogott-a-marshall-memorial-city-hallnal-a-nyughatatlan-zenekar-fodijat-nyert

New Album from the Rosewood Studio, Tyler, Texas

We’re happy to announce that we’re finishing our 6th LP in Rosewood Studios Tyler, Texas!
The album will consist of 11 new songs. We have been working together with the amazing lyricist Chezan Andrei for more than two years, and we are very grateful for his dedicated work! It is a great honor for our band to work on our album in America, in the home of country music in a studio where Grammy and Dove award-winning artists have recorded their albums.